Kids Are The Best Explorers In The World

Since 2000, Children’s Garden owner has been providing top-quality, student-centered and constructivist self-guided curriculum that uses self-directed, experiential learning in a relationship-driven environment.

Welcome to Children's Garden Nursery & Preschool

At Children’s Garden, our mission is to provide excellence in preschool, kindergarten, before and after school programs and summer camp for families living in the greater local area. Here you’ll find exceptional teachers, curriculum and learning environments that encourage children to learn, play and explore in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why People Choose Us

Qualified Teachers

We employ only highly skilled teachers with more than 5 years of experience in teaching children.

Student-Centered Groups

The groups where your children will be educated are created according to your child’s interests.

Various Programs

We have a variety of programs to offer your children regardless of their age and level of knowledge.


The educational child care program in our center is designed to offer a comprehensive path to prepare your child for elementary school and life. Children’s Garden features developmentally appropriate programs with specialized curriculum for a variety of ages. Find the right path for your child here.



My younger son returns very happy with all activities happening at your school every day. Thank you!

Alex Ross
Designer at Comix Publishing